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Florida Cancer Specialists

Known for setting the gold standard in community oncology, FCS keeps its pulse on advancing technologies and treatments to provide the best possible options in cancer care.  Our physicians have a deep interest in oncology and hematology research, actively gaining insights from new therapies and drugs entering the cancer space, many conducting their own clinical trials in our Florida practices.  

Rivaling most academic medical centers, our statewide network offers access to nearly 300 Phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials in nearly 40 locations. Over the past five years, the vast majority of new drugs for cancer have been evaluated in FCS clinical trials prior to approval for use in the U.S.  Each year, dozens of clinical studies are published by our physicians and clinicians and presented at prestigious statewide, national, and international medical summits and conferences.

FCS Hematology Oncology Review creates a platform for our physician network to observe the most recent articles and studies available in the oncology and hematology world. By sharing these articles we are building our wealth of knowledge of new observations and treatments as they come available.

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